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About Us

Global InfoTech was founded in November 2006 to focus on the development of personnel, skills and strategies that help companies implement practical and effective business intelligence solutions. We continue to consolidate and invest in building methodologies and processes that work.

Collectively, the founding members of this firm have 14 years of experience in the core areas of Business Intelligence, ECM solutions, Data warehousing and Application development at various departments and industry verticals.

Global InfoTech leverages state-of-the-art process, full software life cycle system development, supply chain and operations management methodologies (Agile, RUP, Object-Oriented, CMM, Catalysis, 4Front, RUP, Six Sigma) to provide our clients with flexible, tensible, and reusable component-based solutions maximizing their return on technology investment.

We are responsible for developing strategies around various components of Business Intelligence systems including business processes, architectural design, content management, workflow, visualization and interfaces.

Global InfoTech is an Equal Employment Opportunity company. Our heritage of success can be attributed to the technical partnership we form with each client.

Our Value Proposition

Global InfoTech Inc. is a Service-oriented company that significantly reduces the cost of maintaining & supporting IT infrastructure and applications. We offer strong project management leadership and flexible staffing of IT professionals and operations data management professionals.
  • Strong project management leadership
  • Significant reduction in current cost of maintaining and supporting IT Infrastructure & applications and IT staff
  • Application solutions aligned to business strategy and company road map
  • Business case-driven approach
  • Flexible staffing of IT professionals, operations, data management professionals

Our customers have achieved high performance by reducing cost , and improved workforce and business performance. We leverage our field proven tools and implementation methods resulting in predictable, rapid time-to-market for technology and business application solutions. We integrate customers, suppliers, and employees through internet-enabled business processes and offer a business case-driven approach.